Furniture Restoration

We are experts in antique and furniture restoration

Furniture restoration and French polishing

NIGEL FORD can handle a number of modern and antique furniture restoration services including green oak acid cleaning, respraying lacquers, paint finishes, recolouring, repair and refinishing. We can repair accidental damage as well as re-build missing or broken pieces. For more information on our larger projects, please click here.

Services for modern furniture

  • Damage Repair
  • Veneer Replacement
  • Recolour
  • Refinish
  • Respraying
  • Variety of lacquers and oils used.

Antique restoration services include

  • Dent and damage repairs
  • Veneer matching
  • Feet and handle replacement
  • Missing or damaged moulding
  • Traditional finishing
  • Mechanisms restored
  • Carving and gilding
  • Clock case restoration
  • Stain reduction

For professional furniture restoration, call us on 07947 406 322