On-site Works

On-site Works


Maybe your item is too large to move? Or perhaps you are looking to have doors, shop fittings, floors or staircases installed or repaired? Nigel Ford is fully insured and qualified to work on-site with and alongside interior designers, architects, clients and contractors.

Staircase Restoration


The staircase is essential to any multi-storey home and deserves the best care when it’s time for it to be restored. After a thorough stripping process, our restoration methods can repair, rejuvenate or change colour. We can then finish the process with either old fashioned french polishing or a modern sheen product.

Why Choose NIGEL FORD For Your Fixed Pieces?


  • Meticulous stripping and refinishing
  • Traditional french polishing
  • Use of large variety of stains and finishes
  • Attention to detail


We always ensure that the finished product meets our scrupulous standards.

Fixed piece restoration can help every piece of furniture with any kind of wear and tear. From scratches and chips, to dents and cracks.


  • Stairs
  • Doors / Frames
  • Panelling
  • Shelving
  • Floor Repairs